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James Marston took his first remembrance service on Sunday and says that along with Halloween and Bonfire night, these three events pull the community together

Sue Bayliss helps a reader who is about to be torn in two this Christmas

We're all for gender equality, but getting a female James Bond is not the way to do it...

Editor David Powles reflects on some of the issues in Norfolk over the last fortnight.

If there's one thing you can predict in British politics these days, it's that you can't predict anything.

It would take Nick Richards three months of non-stop viewing to catch up on 20 years of missed EastEnders episodes. Here's why he stopped watching it two decades ago

Keith Skipper says the much-treasured Norfolk accent is at risk from being dumbed down into a generic rural dialect

Christmas has come early for those looking to buy a new home, says Edward Parker of Bennett Homes.

Me: "Ok Google, tell me about BBC Radio Norfolk presenter Nick Conrad."

Financial columnist Peter Sharkey looks at how the stock market changes in the midst of a general election.

Daniel Williams, director of VCSE management consultancy Your Norfolk, says it pays to be positive in the fast running world of our voluntary sector

Foie gras will be banned in New York in three years which has started a big ethical food debate, says Andy Newman

Did you hear about the McDonalds chief executive who got fired for dating a colleague? Rachel Moore says it's crazy as having an office romance used to be all part of the fun of going to work

Annette Hurst from David Wilson Homes unpicks some of the myths around buying a new build.

Are you fed up with talk of December's election already? James Marston says he can't wait for it all to be over

Dr Nick Walsh, lecturer in psychology at the University of East Anglia on the importance of the social environment for antidepressant action

Much loved brand Mothercare is calling in the administrators. However, Liz Nice is not surprised...

Paul Barnes had reason to celebrate last week as he was reunited with former Anglia TV colleagues as the station marked its 60th birthday

Cervical screenings can prevent around seven out of 10 cancers. So when reporter Donna-Louise Bishop was faced with her own scare, and wanted to raise awareness, imagine her surprise when she was told to "stop going on about" her 'ladybits'.

Keith Skipper says there are a whole host of stories just waiting to be re-read, when there is time - plus he pays tribute to the late, great Duncan Forbes

Enjoying a holiday is important to our wellbeing, but saving for it requires a plan, says financial columnist Peter Sharkey.

Nick Conrad says we need to do better at how we welcome passengers to the UK. Especially after his experience at Luton airport

With so much going on in the House of Commons, David Clayton wonders just how our MPs can concentrate

Columnist Rachel Moore says MPs owe it to the memory of murdered Jo Cox to conduct themselves with decorum during the oncoming general election campaign

As football fans most of us have a standard pre-match routine for home games.

OK… here's the number: 21. Memorise it, then eat this newspaper. You will be sent further instructions by a pigeon wearing dark glasses.

And it's not even the most important issue of our time, says James Marston

If England were in a football World Cup Final on Saturday the county would be going World Cup crazy. But, it's a rugby one, and, says Liz Nice, Norfolk barely seems to have noticed

There are times when being the editor of a local newspaper and website can feel a little like walking a tightrope.

Liz Nice says fans of both East Anglian teams will be much happier once the natural order of things has been restored...

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