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Bringing in the 'Australian-style' points system to get into the UK could hit businesses hard in this region, says Richard Porritt

Ahead of World Autism Awareness Day on April 2, Norfolk father Phil Betts tells us why the condition is much misunderstood

The demise of another department store is sad, says Rachel Moore, but then aren't we all to blame for not using them and shopping online instead?

It's time to start having a different conversation around mental health, says editor David Powles.

Tens of thousands of women have already been affected by HRT shortages, and now certain types of contraceptives are in short supply, too

The heartbreaking loss of Norfolk's most sparkling daughter prompted a lot of conversations among families at the weekend. How we all wish she was still here to be part of them....

Norfolk chief constable Simon Bailey says the way police fight crime is rapidly changing - for the better

Helen McDermott took a train to London - and got herself into a small bit of bathroom bother on the way

Matt Bailey, a professionally-qualified engineer with a deep interest in technology and humanity recalls a groundbreaking photo 30 years on

With Storm Dennis whipping around North Norfolk, Keith Skipper says it's the perfect time for a bit of coastal snooping

The 'Railway Mania' of the 1840s is a timely reminder of a period when share prices rose too fast before collapsing, says financial expert Peter Sharkey

Rt Hon Charles Clarke argues that universities need to offer more than just a three-year degree course, they need to design courses with employment in mind and strengthen links with the communities around them

Can you believe that in 2020 a restaurant in this country is offering a 'ladies fillet' on its menu - and it's not being ironic. Andy Newman rolls his eyes

Arguing over money following the death of a parent is the lowest of the low, says Rachel Moore, yet still it happens every day

James Marston reflects on his first six months as a curate, a rewarding role that's at the heart of the community

Electric car user Paul Burall says don't be put off by the cost of an electric car, it could be the best motoring decision you make

Margaret Collingwood, chairman of the Norfolk Federation of WIs, says the organisation is just as relevant in the digital age as it was a century ago

Kira Arden from Spire Solicitors explains what might happen to the family home during a divorce.

Stephen Crocker, chief executive of Norwich Theatre , explains why Theatre of Sanctuary status is so important to the city

Having a good friend is not only vital to get you through life's daily troubles but it will also enhance your health and possibly prolong your life, says Christine WEbber

I would like to write about the potential for Norwich to operate once again as a commercially viable port, for small vessels to ferry goods and passengers up and down the River Wensum.

Keith Skipper asks when will the destruction of our green and pleasant Norfolk end? And who is really set to benefit?

It's not going so well for the BBC at the moment with accusations of bias over Brexit coverage adding to the current worries at the corporation. Former BBC employee Paul Barnes investigates

Nick Richards remembers his grandmother who died at the end of January and lived a great life in Norfolk despite suffering the trauma of being held in a Jewish concentration camp in the Second World War and losing 41 members of her family.

I've heard it tentatively mooted about the removal of the flyover across Magdalen Street, at Anglia Square.

Am I the only person who is tired of hearing about the Golden Triangle in Norwich?

Leeway's chief executive Mandy Proctor looks at the positive impact that recent soap storylines surrounding domestic abuse have had

In less than 40 years, average life expectancy will be 100. How do we - and our pensions - handle that? asks Peter Sharkey.

Watching the most powerful woman in Washington rip up Donald Trump's state of the nation speech behind him made me wince.

It's hard not to be moved by parts of a letter today written by the Norfolk Polonia CIC.

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