Norwich man becomes Premium Bond millionaire

Undated handout photo issued by NS&I of their prize checker app on a phone, as premium bonds cel

Undated handout photo issued by NS&I of their prize checker app on a phone, as premium bonds celebrate their 60th birthday on Tuesday - and their popularity over the decades means around one in three adults now hold the investments. - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, beat odds of 1 in over 31 billion to win the jackpot.

The Premium Bond, bought in 2012, was picked by the random number generator ERNIE to win £1 million and his win was announced this morning.

The man, who opted for no publicity, has invested £25,100 in bonds and is the 349th person to win £1 million on a Premium Bond.

His win came from Premium Bond 196XC935430 which he bought in September 2012.

The 350th person to win a million from Premium Bonds was also announced this morning.

The man, who has again not been named, bought his winning bond in Bristol in October 1996.

It is the first time Norwich has celebrated a Premium Bond jackpot win since the first bond went on sale 60 years ago on November 1 1956.

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Premium Bonds are a system of saving where the interest gained is decided by a lottery.

The price of bonds range from £100 to £50,000.

Premium Bonds are not all about the £1 million jackpots, there are also a number of smaller amounts on offer.

Though this is Norwich's first jackpot win there are 5,927 unclaimed prizes in the city, worth more than £228,000.

The highest value unclaimed prize in Norwich is worth £1,000, with one owing to a woman who invested just £2. The prize was won in May 2014.

The oldest unclaimed prize in Norwich, £25 belonging to a man with just £3 in bonds, dates back to December 1971.

Jill Waters, Retail Director of NS&I, said: 'Premium Bonds have made a real impact on people's lives in the 60 years since their launch, not only to our 350 millionaire winners but also to those who have received one of the 355 million prizes we have given out.

'Premium Bonds continue to excite the millions of people that invest in them every month and we are just as thrilled to visit Norwich for the first time to deliver the life-changing news as we are to go to Bristol which we have ventured to on a few occasions previously.

If you think you might have won a premium bond visit the NS&I homepage:

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