Zara returns home to continue recovery in Lowestoft

Zara Dyer is back home in Lowestoft. With her partner Ian Brown and parents Peter and Judith Dyer. P

Zara Dyer is back home in Lowestoft. With her partner Ian Brown and parents Peter and Judith Dyer. Pictures: MICK HOWES - Credit: Archant

Just a few weeks ago, Zara Dyer was fighting for her life in a US hospital after suffering serious brain injuries in a horrific car crash abroad.

Zara Dyer is back home in Lowestoft. Standing with the new handrails that have been installed. Pictu

Zara Dyer is back home in Lowestoft. Standing with the new handrails that have been installed. Pictures: MICK HOWES - Credit: Archant

But now, after a campaign by her family to raise the money needed to bring her back to the UK, the 'determined' 29-year-old has made an emotional return back home – and is continuing with her remarkable recovery.

Miss Dyer had been driving home after a diving trip on the Cayman Islands when she suffered a seizure at the wheel that led to her crashing into a wall.

She was left with long-term brain injuries, six bleeds on the brain, a fractured neck, a fractured arm, paralysis on the right side of her body, difficulty with her sight and hearing and with communicating and swallowing following the crash on September 3.

It was a traumatic time not just for Miss Dyer but her family, with parents Peter and Judith Dyer – who flew out along with her brother Mark and sister Zoe to be by her beside at the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, USA.

But the community rallied round with support as her closest friends, relatives and people she'd never met before pledging £19,430 online for the appeal to help Zara get back on her feet.

And the former Carlton Colville Primary, Gisleham Middle and Sir John Leman High School said that support has made all the difference as she embarks on a long and difficult road to recovery.

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'I have had lots of good wishes,' Miss Dyer said.

'It was nice being told them as I was going into rehab – it made me keep working.

'There have been messages from lots of people I have not seen or heard from for a long time. The response to the JustGiving page has been phenomenal. It is nice to be all close with my family. Apart from the cold, I am glad to be home.'

Mr Dyer said: 'How she survived the accident we don't know. It is unbelievable she is now on the way to recovery.'

Her partner of eight years, Ian Brown - who has also flown to the UK to be with her - said: 'Zara progressed so well with her treatment, she was so determined and has done so well. It is a testament to her strength, her determination and the rehabilitation care over in the US that we are back home to continue the rehab. We are very grateful for all of the support and good wishes and for people's generosity.'

This week Zara saw her doctor in Lowestoft but the referral process to see a neurologist on the NHS could now take 18 weeks.

Zara's mother Judith Dyer added: 'It is amazing to see Zara how she is today. It is Zara's 30th birthday soon and we were meant to be going to the Cayman Islands for her birthday and our wedding anniversary – so now we are all going to have that celebration here at home.'

A new fund – Zara's Rehabilitation Fund – has now been set up and donations can be paid at Barclays Bank. Cheques made payable to Zara's Rehabilitation Fund can be sent, care of Trevor Waters, to 20 Avocet Close, Lowestoft, NR33 8PU or call 07881 815216.

? A fund-raising charity night and Indian meal, arranged by businessman Hanif Jaffer, will be held next Saturday, October 22 from 6pm at the Kirkley Centre in London Road South, Tickets are £15 and are available from Cooks Furnishers.

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