YouTubes-Day: Ride on Yarmouth’s best roller coaster

Yarmouth Pleasure Beach roller coaster brake man, Richard Mills.

Yarmouth Pleasure Beach roller coaster brake man, Richard Mills. - Credit: Nick Butcher

Take a ride on one of the UK's oldest roller coasters.

Every Tuesday I shall be showcasing a new gem from YouTube's vast library, but with a Norfolk twist. This week's video is from YouTube user wwwCOASTERFORCEcom.

Have a frount seat on one of Norfolk's most loved roller coasters at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach. This roller coaster is made of wood and was built in 1932, and is only one of its kind still in oppereation in the UK. This ride still features the use of a brakeman who rides on the train, controlling the speed and the breaks. It does not matter if you are a scaredy cat, just sit back and watch this trilling ride from the comfort of your home.

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If you have seen a YouTube video you think should be featured - whether it's weird and wacky, informative or sporty - and is Norfolk focused, please contact me via

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