Your say on armed police patrolling Norfolk streets

Armed police on patrol in King's lynn, as the terror threat was increased to critical. Picture: Chri

Armed police on patrol in King's lynn, as the terror threat was increased to critical. Picture: Chris Bishop - Credit: Archant

The EDP asked the people of King's Lynn whether armed police in Norfolk streets made them feel safer.

Marina Fonseca. Picture: Archant

Marina Fonseca. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

• Marina Fonseca, 46, a health care assistant from King's Reach, said: 'I do feel safer, I think King's Lynn is a quiet place and nothing happens here but you never know.'

Lisa Ashford and daughter Charlotte Ashford-Oats. Picture: Archant

Lisa Ashford and daughter Charlotte Ashford-Oats. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

• Lisa Ashford, 48, and daughter Charlotte Ashford-Oats, 16, from North Lynn, said armed police patrolling the streets is 'scary', adding: 'It does make me feel safer knowing they are there in case we get attacked, it's scary but at the same time they are looking after us. It must be horrible for young kids to see police with guns but there needs to be more police at concerts.'

Jack Bowsher. Picture: Archant

Jack Bowsher. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

• Jack Bowsher, 20, from Lynn town centre, said: 'It doesn't have an impact on me to be honest, and I think it scares elderly people and kids.'

Ricky Middleton. Picture: Archant

Ricky Middleton. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

• Ricky Middleton, 35, a maintenance worker from Fairstead, said: 'Just because an attack hasn't happened here doesn't mean it will never happen. But I don't think there's any particular need for it, just to see police presence is enough they do not need to walk around with guns. And it must be hard to explain to children why they are carrying guns.'

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• Alun Price, 67, a retailer from Clenchwarton, said: 'It doesn't make any difference to me. Terrorists are going to do it whether there are armed coppers or not, they'll do it wherever, and in this day and age it takes too long for police to get there. It does act as a deterrent for other criminals but it wouldn't deter terrorism.'

• Matthew Borer, 38, a chef from Lynn town centre, said: 'I wouldn't say it makes a difference, we can't have armed police within a 100 mile radius around the town because there aren't enough of them. I do not know what it will accomplish, it makes me feel no safer than when they weren't there.'

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