‘Amazing food and music, but gross toilets’ - What do our Young Reporters make of Latitude Festival

The team of Young Reporters at Latitude Festival

The team of Young Reporters at Latitude Festival - Credit: Archant

As part of a scheme with the EDP, Norwich Evening News and the Inbetweenters area, a team of young people experience what it's like to report on Latitude Festival. Here's what they came up with.

The team of Young Reporters at Latitude Festival try out the food

The team of Young Reporters at Latitude Festival try out the food - Credit: Archant

The bid to find the best food at Latitude by Kosara Chokoeva.

Festivals are known for music and entertainment, but did you know they have great food too? And that is especially the case at this festival.

We headed to Latitude to explore what food it has to offer and hunt for the best churros and the tastiest chips.

Our first destination was Love Churros, a famous churros place situated in the heart of the festival. The staff were very lovely and were very sociable to us and answered all of our questions. The hygiene rating was a 5 out of 5, the churros was freshly made and the service was very quick. There were six tasty churros in a medium tub and they were covered in a very generous portion of cinnamon sugar. The texture was very fluffy and soft and the outside was crunchy. Over all we gave it a 10/10.

The team of Young Reporters at Latitude Festival. Theo Meldrum tries out the food

The team of Young Reporters at Latitude Festival. Theo Meldrum tries out the food - Credit: Archant

Next we went to Whitby Fish and Chips to see how good their chips really are. The staff were friendly and talkative, the hygiene was a five and a new batch is freshly made every few minutes. The chips were very fluffy, chewy, crunchy, delicious and full of flavour. They give you a medium portion which was stuffed with chips and they have a selection of sauces and salts on the side. We gave this a solid 9/10.

Latitude has so much different food to offer with culture and spice and all things nice, why don't you come and see for yourself?

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Weird & Wonderful Latitude by Juliette Berry

The quirkiness of Latitude shines when you arrive to be greeted by the pink sheep, the iconic helter-skelter and many other symbolic attractions.

Today at the wonderful Latitude Festival we explored the Solas area. Inside we were greeted with vibrant lights and magical scenes. A huge flying egg shaped nest sat over a lake where many children sat and took pictures. Crystal-like displays hung in the trees and many peaceful events were scheduled to take place such as meditation, zumba and yoga. These are just a few of the weird but wonderful things that go on in this festival.

One of the most visible trends at Latitude for children were the 'animal tails'. The tails are all supplied by the popular shop Tell Tails. Yet this is not the only crazily popular shop. Another stall is the Bubble Emporium. Here we managed to speak to one of the workers, Eli, and we asked him why he thought bubbles were so popular here. His response was that: "everyone loves bubbles at a festival, we turn on the bubble machines and people soon come."

No matter what the weather, Latitude continues to impress us with its wackiness and its unbelievably good atmosphere.

On the first day of Latitude Festival we went and asked people what they are most excited for and why they came. Theo Meldrum reports.

This is my first year at Latitude and I love the atmosphere and how everything is so cool and weird. I am really exited to see George Ezra and I think it will be really good.

One of my worst memories so far is definitely the toilets. They are really gross and disgusting.


We decided to come to Latitude because we thought it would be a good atmosphere for our children (aged 5 and 3) and the weekend will be a nice time to relax. We are most looking forward to seeing Ben Folds.

My best memory of Latitude would have to be getting the tent set up before the rain started.


We decided we would return to Latitude this year because of the great atmosphere and all off the fun. We are most looking forward to seeing Stereophonics. Caroline

I am at Latitude for the first time and so far I am really enjoying the diversity off the food and people. I am really looking forward to George Ezra and Stereophonics with my Carlsberg.


Best and worst memories of Latitude? By Mabel Manley

Steve said his best memory was listening to Bombay Bicycle Club some years ago, he said unfortunately they had since disbanded. He also liked Damon Albarn. His worst memory was taking too long to unpack, decreasing the time to have fun.

Fran claimed his best memory of Latitude was seeing a Jack Garrah concert two or three years ago. He also enjoyed George Ezra, Sigrid and Frank Turner. His worst memory was of the travel. It takes him roughly seven hours.

Top of the pops: Latitude - By Gwilym Howarth

Every year Henham Park is transformed from a quiet country estate to a sprawling festival home to some world famous artists. What are people looking forward to the most?

Latitude is one of the country's best festivals for families, but this definitely doesn't stop some of the biggest names in music, comedy and dance performing.

One of this year's headliners is UK pop singer, George Ezra. This act was a favourite of Elesley and her husband Stewart who said: "I love the atmosphere here. We've been coming for six years now and it just gets better every year!"

Another festival goer said they had seen some amazing flamenco dance in a previous year. Hugh Evans was most looking forward to seeing Ben Folds perform on the Lake Stage.

Catherine and Wendy were looking forward to seeing substitute act: Sterophonics, who had to step in last minute after Snow Patrol had to drop out. Primal Scream was on Sid's must-see list. He said that he returns to the festival every year because of it's amazing atmosphere and I can't help but agree.

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