Young person’s takeover: ‘Time to be a hero and help save the planet’

Izzy Taylor. Picture: MAP

Izzy Taylor. Picture: MAP - Credit: MAP

Izzy Taylor, 14, is a member of the Norwich Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is asking for help to unite us together.

City College Norwich logo. Picture: CCN

City College Norwich logo. Picture: CCN - Credit: City College Norwich

The amazing thing about the human race, is that no matter what makes us different, we all have the same thing in common. Earth.

But, what if I told you that the very precipice of what unites us was falling apart, right in front of our eyes, and what if I told you we had the chance to save our world as we know it, would you take that chance?

Now, get rid of the ‘what ifs’ because, this isn’t some far fetched story from a land far away, this is the reality we’re living, this is the reality of the climate crisis and this is the reality that threatens our world as we know it.

11% of the earths population is currently vulnerable to the effects of climate change, that is around 800 million people vulnerable to impacts such as droughts, floods and extreme weather events and in 2018 there were 14 extreme weather events that resulted in over $1 billion worth of damage costs.

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Forests across the globe are burning, cities are under water and every single year over three million people die due to environmental factors. These deaths are preventable.

We are on the brink of complete and utter climate collapse, with an unimaginable death toll, it can be stopped but it’ll soon be too late. And unfortunately, people all around the globe have had no other choice but to take matters into their own hands, because our planet is beautiful, it has astonishing natural wildlife and scenery and it is only right for that wonder to be preserved for the generations to follow.

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We need to fight for countless people around the world who are already fighting the horrific conditions caused by climate change because right now we are privileged in the fact that these effects haven’t hit us yet, but the length that this privilege is going to be held onto is uncertain.

This is a call for help, this is a call to unite and educate yourself and others around you, and to stand with each other for one common goal. To be a hero. This may be our last chance to tackle climate change, and it can’t be done alone, it takes more than that, it takes hope and perseverance and it needs the human race now, more than ever to come together, to forget the things that separate us for one minute and fight for our right to stay alive and have a safe place to raise children and grandchildren.

- The impact of Covid on young people is the subject of a special online debate involving teenagers from the region. Sponsored by City College Norwich and in association with MAP, it will be hosted by EDP editor David Powles tonight (Tuesday, September 15) at 5pm. To watch or take part in the debate click the link here .

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