You won’t be lonely this Christmas, thanks to one mum and daughter duo

(L-R) Caroline Champion and mum Judith Richardson. Photo: Judith Richardson

(L-R) Caroline Champion and mum Judith Richardson. Photo: Judith Richardson - Credit: Archant

The thought of someone spending Christmas Day alone is a heartbreaking one.

But mid-Norfolk residents who have no one to pull a Christmas cracker with don't need to worry.

One kind-hearted mum and daughter have decided to share their family Christmas with anyone in need of company.

Judith Richardson 57, and daughter Caroline Champion, 28, say they have been thinking about 'doing something different' on Christmas Day for many years.

While they have a big family to celebrate with, including Judith's seven grandchildren, this year, rather than opening presents around the tree at home, the pair will be hosting a community Christmas dinner in Elsing.

Mrs Richardson, a foster carer and piano teacher from Lyng, said: 'How awful is it to be on your own on Christmas Day?

'I am a Christian, and we have been so lucky - God have given us so much.'

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And her daughter, a baker from Holt, said: 'We want as many people as we can to feel they have a place to belong this Christmas Day.'

They chose Elsing as it is home to the closest village hall to Mrs Richardson's home in Lyng, and stressed that anyone is welcome to come along.

Mrs Richardson said: 'A lady with a little boy, who has recently split up with someone is coming.

'People have offered to pick up elderly people who may not be able to drive and bring them along as well.'

And the event will feel like a true family Christmas, as Mrs Richardson's father will also be attending.

The two women say they have been inundated with offers, with people offering everything from help with peeling vegetables to donations of a six-foot, fully decorated Christmas tree, and a massive turkey.

The event in Elsing village hall, will kick off at around midday on December 25th.

They are posting flyers for the event in their local areas, and encourage anyone who finds themselves without company on Christmas Day to come along.

And while Mrs Richardson and Miss Champion originally intended to fund the event out of their own pockets, after an outpouring of offers of help on social media, they have set up a JustGiving page for donations.

If you are planning on attending the Elsing Christmas event, please reserve your place by phone (01603 879130) or email (, so the organisers know how many they are catering for.

Transport can be provided for anyone who is unable to drive if they live in the Lyng, Elsing, or nearby surrounding areas.