‘You don’t have to pay anyway’ driver of First Bus X1’s angry response to pensioner who said he was ‘nasty’ on Great Yarmouth to Norwich route

The pensioner said she thought the driver of the X1 was rude. Photo: George Ryan

The pensioner said she thought the driver of the X1 was rude. Photo: George Ryan - Credit: Archant

A bus driver allegedly told an elderly passenger 'you don't have to pay anyway' after she complained that he was rude.

Passenger Susan Watson said she 'saw red' after the driver of the X1 bus between Great Yarmouth and Norwich made the 'ageist' comment.

The alleged incident took place on Bank Holiday Monday (May 1) on an early morning journey aboard the flagship First Bus route.

Ms Watson said the driver was brisk with the woman in front of her in the queue because she did not have the correct ticket to travel.

She added: 'She said she was late for work and didn't have any change with her because she left the house in a hurry,

'By this time she was getting upset and had no money to pay her fare, so I said I would pay as the bus was now running late and the driver's tone was quite aggressive.

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'I then said to him that he didn't have to be so nasty first thing in the morning, to which he replied 'it has nothing to do with you. You don't pay for your ride anyway.'

'As a Taurus I saw red, I shouted down the bus 'who has a bus pass?' Most of the downstairs said 'yes'.

'Then I said 'have you all worked all your lives?' again, they said 'yes' I turned to the driver and told him how rude he was.'

She said when she got off the bus at Norwich she took a photo of the driver and the front of the bus to send to the bus company's head office to report him.

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Operations manager for First Great Yarmouth, Alvin Parker, said: 'I am disappointed to hear that a member of our driving staff has allegedly not delivered the level of service we expect when communicating with our customers.

'I would like to thank the lady for bringing the matter to my attention and I will be undertaking a full investigation into the matter based on the details provided.'

Another driver of the X1 is currently being investigated after he was filmed by a passenger eating crisps at the wheel.

A spokesman for the company said: 'I can imagine how alarming it must have been for you. We train all our drivers extensively, and they are well aware of the standards we expect of them at First.

'I would like to assure you that we take reports like these very seriously indeed.'