Yarmouth bar manager in football plea for Lucas’ fundraiser

Lucas Pontes, 8, from Great Yarmouth was diagnosed with a brain tumour in April 2015. Now his family

Lucas Pontes, 8, from Great Yarmouth was diagnosed with a brain tumour in April 2015. Now his family have been told there is nothing doctors can do and he only has 12 months to live.Lucas with sister Luana, 2. - Credit: Supplied

A bar manager has set his sights on organising a fundraising football tournament for 8-year-old Lucas Pontes, who has just 12 months to live.

Lucas was diagnosed with a brain tumour last year and his family had thought they were in the clear after an intensive bout of treatment.

But they have been told the 'worst news' - their son has just 12 months to live - and are wanting to raise money so they can spend the precious time they have left together.

After hearing about their appeal Britannia Pier manager Keegan Snell decided he wanted to help, and could think of no better way than a football tournament.

Mr Snell, 42, said: 'I'm trying to get hold of as many people as I can to hold a charity match or a tournament.

'The reason I want to raise money for the young boy isn't anything personal, I've never had anything like that in my family, but when I read the story I felt heartbroken.'

Mr Snell is a keen fundraiser, who has put on many events for different charities in the past.

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But he hopes this one will also help bring together communities.

'I've already spoken to some people from the Portuguese community and they're up for it,' he said.

'Maybe with the football on at the moment we could hold a mini Euros here!'

Mr Snell is proposing a charge of between £60 - 70 for teams of eight, with every penny going to Lucas' family.

Meanwhile, Lucas and his family are still at Addenbrokes hospital in Cambridge, but donations have flooded in for the fund set up by Lucas' mother, Christiane Herlan.

They're aiming to raise £20,000 so Lucas' father Carlos Pontes can give up work at Bernard Matthews, so the family can be together.

So far more than £4000 has been raised and the page has been shared more than 1000 times.

• To donate to the family, visit www.gofundme.com/298sxxb3

• To follow Lucas' progress or leave your message of support, search on Facebook for 'Hope for Lucas' or 'Prayers for Lucas Pontes'.

• Or, to get involved in Keegan Snell's fundraising football tournament, get in touch with him on 07900 494980.

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