Wymondham Town council vote for investigation to be carried out into new office building

Kett's Park in Wymondham Picture by: Sonya Duncan

Kett's Park in Wymondham Picture by: Sonya Duncan - Credit: Sonya Duncan

A working group has been granted permission to carry out an investigation into building new council offices for Wymondham Town Council.

The Kett's Park Working Group requested permission at the town council meeting, held at Central Hall last night, to proceed with their project to look into building the offices on Kett's Park.

Councillors voted unanimously for the group to explore layout, design and costing for a building on council-owned land to the right-hand side of the entrance to the park in Harts Farm Road.

The current council offices in Middleton Street are not owned by the council and cost £27,500 a year to rent, plus maintenance costs.

Lee Hornby, a member of the working group, said: 'The current council offices are no longer good enough. They cannot accommodate councillors and the public at meetings. We have to address this issue. The piece of land at Kett's Park has never been developed.'

Joseph Mooney, council chairman and town mayor, added: 'It is best for us in the future to own our own offices. In this day and age we really should not be in a building which has not got good access for wheel chairs and push chairs.'

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