Wymondham pupils continue tradition of marking Robert Kett’s life at ceremony

Robert Kett Junior School pupils and teachers at the Robert Kett memorial service.

Robert Kett Junior School pupils and teachers at the Robert Kett memorial service. - Credit: Archant

Schoolchildren in Wymondham commemorated the life of the town's most famous man during an annual ceremony.

For the last 16 years, on the anniversary of his death, students from Robert Kett Primary School have honoured the life of their school's namesake, a wealthy landowner who led an uprising against social injustice.

On Monday, December 7, pupils and members of the school council visited Becket's Chapel, now the Arts Centre, to lay flowers, learn about the history of Robert Kett and trace their family roots.

The chapel bears a plaque put up in the 1999 celebrations marking the 450th anniversary of Kett's rebellion.

Alison Clarke, headteacher, said: 'This ceremony helps us ensure that each new generation of Wymondham children knows about these important events which took place so many years ago.

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'For the last 16 years we have come here to remember Kett's Rebellion, and have established a school tradition and a special place in Wymondham's history. We are very proud to help keep the memory of the Ketts alive in our town.'

Local historian Adrian Hoare explained how the rebellion, which centred on land enclosure unfolded in July 1549.

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A group of rebels destroyed fences put up by wealthy landowners.

Instead of resisting the rebels, Robert Kett agreed to their demands and offered to lead them.

The 16,000-strong forces camped on Mousehold Heath in Norwich and stormed the city on July 21.

The uprising ended on August 27 when they were defeated by an army. Kett was captured, tried for treason and hung from Norwich Castle on December 7, 1549.

The rebellion is remembered in schools, streets and pubs, including Robert Kett Junior School, the Robert Kett pub in Wymondham, Kett's Tavern in Norwich and Kett's Rebellion, a beer made by Woodforde's brewery in Norwich.

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