Wymondham College student Dorrie Hartley is off to volunteer in Malawian village after fundraising success

Wymondham College student Dorrie Hartley with a cheque for the charity Sparkle Malawi. Picture: Wymo

Wymondham College student Dorrie Hartley with a cheque for the charity Sparkle Malawi. Picture: Wymondham College - Credit: Archant

She has an ambition to become a humanitarian lawyer, but first, she is off on what promises to be a life-changing trip to Malawi.

Dorrie Hartley, 18, who is in her final year of A Levels at Wymondham College, will visit the African country for three weeks in August to volunteer with a charity which provides medical care, meals and education for vulnerable children and orphans in six villages.

It follows fundraising events for the charity - Sparkle Malawi - including a walk by staffs and students around a course.

Together, the fundraisers covered a total of 7385 miles (the distance from Wymondham to Malawi) in a single day.

Dorrie led the school's fundraising after the charity's chief executive, Sarah Brook, visited the college last year.

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She said: 'I was personally struck by the brilliant work that the charity does running solely on the kindness and generosity of others.

'I could be doing anything from teaching skills, playing games, village, dancing, singing, helping with paperwork, planting a vegetable garden, painting or gathering data on children's weight and current environment.'

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Dorrie said she would spend time at a Sparkle Malawi School in the village of Sogoja, in the country's Zomba District.

She said: 'I will have an opportunity to bring my own passions into them such as drama and art and engage with the children in that.

'I think part of the experience will be getting to know the children, to leave a positive impact and to create lifelong memories.'

Ms Brook returned to the college to take part in its annual speech day on July 1, and was presented with a cheque for £2,225.86 from the fundraising.

Dorrie said she was delighted to be able to support such a worthwhile charity. She said: 'They also support women with HIV and work on creating a sustainable environment for the locals to live and work in.'

Dorrie said she hoped to continue helping others throughout her career.

She said: 'I will be starting my law degree in September, I hope to go into humanitarian law, as I have a passion for charity work and human rights.'

Sparkle Malawi is part of the Sparkle Foundation, a social enterprise Ms Brook established to create brighter sustainable futures for vulnerable people around the world.

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