Bid to replace rotting building which would 'be in the water in five years'

The UK Scout Sailing Nationals was hosted by the Norfolk Broads Yacht Club at Wroxham Broad. Photo:

The Norfolk Broads Yacht Club in Wroxham - Credit: Steve Adams

Plans have been put forward to replace a rotting office building by the Norfolk Broads, the slant of which had left staff with back pain.

The Broads Authority has received a planning application from the Norfolk Broads Yacht Club (NYBC) to replace its office at Wroxham. 

Staff have been decamped to the NYBC clubhouse due to the building no longer being usable. 

The office, which has been there since at least the 1950s, has a 12-inch lean from front to back due to rotting wood.

Peter McGeown, NYBC club manager, said: "When it was put in position it was built on wooden struts. We dug a trench and found the entire floor was rotten. 

"People were getting sore backs because of the slant of the building so it needed to be looked at." 

Wroxham Parish Council recently visited the site and is in favour of the proposed changes. 

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Chairman Barry Fiske said: "It is rotting underneath and all the base is rotting away so they are planning to put a slightly larger building on the water edge and configure it with ventilation and lights.

"It will be pretty much the same so there is no problem at all from our point of view. If it was left for five years, it would eventually fall into the water." 

The NYBC hopes to get the new building finished over the winter if the planning application is successful. 

The club requires an office to accommodate the club manager and his small team of assistants. Additionally, the office is a private business area and would be suitable for the secure storage of club records, trophies and IT equipment. 

The site would continue to be accessed via The Avenue in Wroxham and via the River Bure, and the club says no additional traffic would be generated by the replacement office.

The application to replace the single storey office will be presented to the Broads Authority planning committee on April 23. The meeting will be livestreamed on the Broads Authority website.

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