Revealed: The noisiest streets in King’s Lynn

London Road in King's Lynn topped the league for noise complaints Picture: Ian Burt

London Road in King's Lynn topped the league for noise complaints Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Archant

Crowing cocks, barking dogs and Balearic beats are all part of the soundtrack on King's Lynn's noisiest streets.

London Road was the loudest with 29 complaints, in a league table we've compiled using Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.

Next were Wootton Road (20), Winston Churchill Drive (19), Saddlebow Road, Hillen Road and Hillington Square (all on 18).

One complainant on London Road told West Norfolk council loud music had continued at a neighbouring property until 4am for three months.

Another complained of "constant harassment" from their neighbours.

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A mystery high-pitched noise kept one resident awake, while takeaway staff banging pots and pans and slamming doors interrupted a neighbour's sleep.

A howling dog made a racket every afternoon between 1 - 4pm on Wootton Road, where the complainant added: "Can be heard over TV and is really getting a nuisance."

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Another person suffering from their neighbour's four-legged friends said: "I have spoken to the neighbours and they said: 'Tough luck."

A vibrating pump which sounded like "a tank coming through the wall" was the source of another complaint to the council.

Hoovering at midnight on Christmas Eve blighted the season of goodwill for another resident.

Cocks which crowed at the crack of dawn got another complainant's feathers flying.

"I cannot understand why anyone would need to keep these birds in a small garden in a heavily populated residential area increasing the chance of attracting vermin and disturbing all your neighbours," they added.

Bassy Ibiza tunes were not music to one neighbour's ears. Another said: "It is 23.57 and they are still singing live and loud."

Over on Winston Churchill Drive, the occupants of one property played their music so loudly police could hear it 100 yards away.

Smelly chickens caused another complaint.

Next noisiest according to the council's complaints log were Norfolk Street and St Edmundsbury Road, both on 15 and Bagge Road and Main Road, Three Holes, both on 14.

Reports compiled over the last 10 years were supplied in response to an FOI request.

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