'Please don't close my school' - Pupil's heartfelt letter to education trust

Wormegay Primary School is at risk of closure.

Wormegay Primary School is at risk of closure. - Credit: Submitted

A primary school pupil has written a letter to education officials asking them to save their village school which is at risk of closure.

Governing body the Diocese of Ely Multi Academies Trust (DEMAT) plans to close Wormegay Primary School, near King's Lynn, and merge it with Runcton Holme Primary School a few miles away, which has a capacity of 70 pupils but 26 on its roll.

DEMAT said if pupil numbers continue to fall at the rate predicted by its forecasts, Wormegay Primary School will have just six by 2023, and is consulting parents over the future of the west Norfolk school.

But in a letter to DEMAT, a pupil expressed their sadness at the academies trust's plans, pleading for them not to close the school.

The pupil said: "Why do you need to do this to schools, why mine, why now?

"Please don't do this, please don't take my second family away from me.

"The world is sad enough at the moment with Covid. Please don't hurt me and my friends.

"I feel so sad about what you are doing.

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"I know you will not listen to me, I am a child and I can only say my prayers each night and beg not to take Wormegay School away from me."

The pupil added that they love the school and did not want to "leave ever."

They added: "Please don't take my school away from me, please be kind and not cruel to me and my friends.

"If you do this I think God will be very disappointed with you."

In its consultation papers, the academies trust said: "An amalgamated school provides a sustainable opportunity to maintain an education provision across the three parishes rather than two individual schools, both of whom could be at risk if no action is taken."

Adrian Ball, chief executive of DEMAT, said: “As a trust, we are incredibly appreciative of the efforts everyone has made in order to provide their feedback as part of the consultation and attend the public meeting in February.

“We will consider each and every comment as part of our consultation response."

The consultation ends on Friday, March 5 - people can share their views on the proposal on an online survey here: https://forms.gle/dMLN15aF1byNRfV8A or by email to consultation@demat.org.uk