Worlingham school selected to share achievements in prestigious national document

Worlingham Primary School has been selected to take part in the Parliamentary Review. Pictured is hH

Worlingham Primary School has been selected to take part in the Parliamentary Review. Pictured is hHeadteacher Vicky O'Brien with school staff. PHOTO: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

A north Suffolk school has been selected with only a handful of other primary providers throughout the country for inclusion in a prestigious national document that highlights best practice.

Worlingham Primary School in Garden Lane has been chosen with only 38 others to appear in the 2015/16 primary education section of the Parliamentary Review, a key fixture on the political calendar.

The school can be found in the Midlands edition alongside just 13 other primary schools and is the only Suffolk school to feature.

The review showcases best practice as a learning tool to the public and private sector and is aimed particularly at leading policy-makers and executives within primary education.

The document is set to be released to every primary school throughout the country with the article written by Worlingham headteacher Vicky O'Brien serving as a blueprint for success and a template for reform.

Worlingham Primary School was picked by the research team behind the Parliamentary Review for the way in which the school has managed a successful move from a three-tier to two-tier system, as well as a physical move to a new site back in September 2013.

The previous three-tier system saw children move from primary school to middle school at the age of nine and leave for high school at 13. The two-tier system offers primary education until the age of 11, before youngsters leave for high school.

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As well as having involvement with the design and architecture of the building Mrs O'Brien and her team were determined to match and exceed opportunities that children would have experienced under the previous system.

The school has seen its staff, strategies and learning opportunities soar, with the standards at the school exceeding national expectations.

Mrs O'Brien said: 'The move from a three-tier to a two-tier system was obviously quite a sensitive issue and when the governors appointed me they were aware I had worked in Lincolnshire in a two-tier system and felt I would be able to manage the transition.

'We offer a wide range of opportunities to our children with a varied curriculum, and we have also appointed some amazing staff - we are very fussy, with high expectations and I think that is part of our success.

'I'm really thoroughly proud of the school, the children come first and I'm really proud of them, but I'm also proud of the staff because they all bring so much to a difficult job. I've got some extremely committed people at the school and this is an accolade to their commitment. It also puts Worlingham and our area on the map.'

Mrs O'Brien was invited to a reception in the Terrace Pavillion of The House of Commons last Friday evening to meet other schools included in the review.

The Parliamentary Review is an annual initiative released to coincide with the beginning of the Parliamentary year. It is split into 12 separate editions focusing on a key governmental policy area such as education, transport and agriculture.

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