“The show must go on” - Epic Studios and WAW resolve issues after ITV dispute

Ricky Knight (left) founder of WAW and Jonathan Thursby (right) owner of Epic Studios have resolved

Ricky Knight (left) founder of WAW and Jonathan Thursby (right) owner of Epic Studios have resolved conflict over ITV filming a new wrestling show at Epic in May. Photo: Epic Studios/WAW - Credit: Epic/WAW

Following days of negotiations, Epic Studios and the World Association of Wrestling (WAW) have reached a decision regarding the future of their business relationship.

WAW will continue to hold wrestling matches at the Magdalen Street venue after a dispute over ITV.

This week, ITV announced they will be filming World of Sport Wrestling at Epic on May 10, 11 and 12.

The news was met with excitement from many, but not by WAW founder Ricky Knight, who worried how it would impact business.

In a Facebook video on April 23, he said: 'When I came into business, Norwich as a wrestling community was a joke, then me and my good friend went out there and built a reputation for Norwich.

'If Manchester United came to Norwich and built a stadium next to ours, it would take away all that history, take away their brand. This it what ITV are doing to us now. We're not moaning about the show, we're moaning about everything we've worked for.

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'They've ruined my show, how am I supposed to sell tickets when you're giving a show the week after for free? You're destroying us.'

After days of talks, Epic shared a video statement on April 25 with the caption 'the show must go on', featuring Mr Knight and venue owner Jonathan Thursby.

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Mr Knight said: 'I've had lots of talks with Jonathan and ITV. We've asked for things and the guys have been very generous and helpful.

'We've had some heated arguments over the last few days but all I want to say is that we've come to an amicable deal, we will not be leaving Epic Studios, all our dates will be upheld and we're happy for ITV to come here. I will support it and we should do our best to make this a success.'

Mr Thursby added: 'It's been a long, hard struggle, the last few days have been interesting and I can honestly say they've probably been the toughest of my life, but the toughest deals, the hardest deals are worth the best for everyone.'

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