Women join national protest which calls for changes to their pension system

Members of Norfolk's Women Against State Pension Inequality group set off to London to join a protes

Members of Norfolk's Women Against State Pension Inequality group set off to London to join a protest. - Credit: Archant

Around 20 women from Norfolk are on their way to London to join a national protest against 'unfair pension changes' imposed on them.

Members of Pension Action in Norfolk (Pain), part of national campaign Women Against State Pension Inequality (Waspi), left Norwich Bus Station at 7.30am this morning to take part in a demonstration outside the Houses of Parliament.

The protest will call for transitional arrangements to be put in place for women who are affected by the 1995 Conservative government's pension act, which included plans to increase women's state pension age to 65 - the same as men's.

Waspi says it agrees with equalisation but not the way the changes have been implemented.

Lynn Nicholls, a member of the Norfolk group, said: 'We started work expecting to retire at 60 but now many of us have to work years longer.

'We think we should be entitled to a lower rate of pension to coming in before we retire or some other transitional arrangement, because at the moment we haven't got anything.

'Some of us have health problems or need to care for our elderly parents.'

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Debbie De Spon, another member, said: 'We have got the support of three of our nine MPs so far and we're working hard to explain the issues.

'We know that the pension age has got to rise because we are all living longer, it is just the way it has been done has disadvantaged this decade of women born in the 1950s.'

The Norfolk protestors will join the rest of the campaigners outside the Houses of Parliament, where Waspi's mass choir will sing its anthem and hold a demonstration.

To get in touch with Pension Action In Norfolk, find the group on Facebook or email pensionactioninnorfolk@yahoo.co.uk