Woman who told Thomas Cook holidaymakers to ‘get a grip’ says she has had a great fortnight away

Lilliàna Möntero, 27, with her daughter. Photo: Lilliàna Möntero

Lilliàna Möntero, 27, with her daughter. Photo: Lilliàna Möntero - Credit: Archant

A woman who told other stranded Thomas Cook holidaymakers they needed to 'get a grip' has insisted she has had a great two weeks away.

Jack Brady, friend of Lilliàna Möntero, posing with a Thomas Cook brochure while stranded on holiday

Jack Brady, friend of Lilliàna Möntero, posing with a Thomas Cook brochure while stranded on holiday. Photo: Lilliàna Möntero - Credit: Archant

Lilliàna Möntero, from Carlton Colville, 27, is flying back from her family holiday to Mexico today, September 30.

She was one of an estimated 150,000 Britons affected by the travel firm's closure and took aim at others in her situation who were complaining about being inconvenienced.

She said at the time of the company entering liquidation: "Get a grip. Look at the bigger picture in life.

"You are probably going to get a refund - yes, it will take some time, but you still will be refunded."

She said it was more important that people had lost their jobs.

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Ms Möntero was expecting to fly back on October 1 but due to the company going into liquidation, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) arranged a flight for her today.

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She claims to have seen others at her resort who complained to the media, then boast about how good a time they were having on social media.

"It just frustrates me that people moan, but secretly they aren't bothered," Ms Möntero said.

"They were moaning their holiday was ruined yet here they are happy."

She said: "The CAA has been returning people as close to their original date as possible. My plane is flying into Gatwick so I just feel sorry for those who were meant to land in Manchester."

Even then, she says: "The train line have said people who are affected by Thomas Cook can still use tickets they purchased even though the time may be out.

"Everyone has found it an inconvenience. My point has not changed. Moaning about it will not fix things.

"The CAA has done really well with timing of the flights and I'm not without medication either. Hopefully others in the same situation will be okay too."

Ms Möntero said her holiday might have been more enjoyable if she had more information. But she claims "nothing really changed, I still had my two week holiday.

"A lot of people have sat around looking up flight information and transfers - no one wants to do that on holiday.

"This hasn't greatly impacted my family."

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