Woman injured as horse falls through bridge in Great Witchingham

A woman was knocked into a river when the horse she was leading fell through a footbridge.

It happened at Blackwater Lane in Great Witchingham at about 2.30pm on Thursday.

Two fire crews from Aylsham and Norwich and an ambulance attended.

A woman was taken to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital after banging her head.

A spokesman for the fire service said the animal's hind quarters had fallen through the wooden sleepers into 18 inches of water leaving its front legs stuck on the bridge.

An ambulance spokesman said the patient was described as 'not alert' but it wasn't not clear how serious her injuries were.

A local farmer helped crews rescue the horse with a teleporter, large straps and a sling.

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David Sayer, from Blackwater Farm equestrian centre, said a visitor to the farm had been leading her horse across a pedestrian bridge.

As it fell through the wooden sleeper, it knocked the woman into the water.

He said the footbridge was clearly marked for pedestrians only and was not suitable for the horse.

Mr Sayer said the air ambulance had also been called but was not needed and the injured woman had been taken to hospital by land.

He added: 'We hope that is a sign she wasn't very seriously injured. The pony's fine.'