Woman hosts second Lowestoft screening of body image documentary to spread film’s message far and wide

Jane Page who has organised a second screening of Taryn Brumfitt�s' Embrace �- The Documentary. Pict

Jane Page who has organised a second screening of Taryn Brumfitt�s' Embrace �- The Documentary. Picture: Paul Page. - Credit: Archant

A second screening of a documentary telling the story of a woman's struggle with crippling body image issues is coming to Lowestoft. Jane Page, of Oulton Broad, saw Taryn Brumfitt's Embrace documentary in Norwich earlier this year and decided to organise a screening at the Marina Theatre. Here she explains why she is now screening the film again and wants to spread its message even further...

Taryn Brumfitt’s Embrace documentary is coming to Lowestoft's Marina Theatre. Picture: Demand Film.

Taryn Brumfitts Embrace documentary is coming to Lowestoft's Marina Theatre. Picture: Demand Film. - Credit: Archant

'Empowering, inspirational and a game changer' were all words used to describe this amazing documentary following my screening of Taryn Brumfitt's Embrace – The Documentary back in June.

One lovely lady, who was pregnant when she came to see it, and has subsequently given birth, said to me: 'This film helped me embrace my changing pregnant body and is helping me to love it postpartum' and that is what it is all about – empowering us to love our bodies at every stage of our journey through this life, whatever our race, ethnicity, gender etc.

Whether you are young or old, able-bodied or suffer from disabilities, tall, short or suffer from emotional or physical scars this documentary is for you. How we feel about our bodies and how we look has nothing to do with the number on a scale so it is time to join with those who are effecting change and start the journey to embrace the awesomeness of your body - 'You've been criticising yourself for years and that hasn't worked, try approving of yourself and see what happens.'

This film has changed my life and the lives of millions of women worldwide – and it is not even on general release! There is no 'diet plan' or 'exercise regime' but it isn't about just sitting on the sofa all day, everyday, eating doughnuts either – shame! It is no frilly, mumbo-jumbo nonsense, it addresses huge global issues which have created the epidemic of self-loathing and negative body image which affect women - and men - everywhere.

On its initial release in Germany it beat 'Gardians of the Galaxy' to the top spot at the box office – it is that amazing! Here in the UK Taryn recognises that our young people need change, the statistics are horrifying:

• 91pc of women hate all, or part, of their bodies

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• 50pc of five to 12-year-olds want to lose weight

• Eight-years-old is the average age that girls in the UK start dieting

• One in four people in the UK are depressed about their body

• Nine out of 10 teenage girls are unhappy with their body

So Taryn has created 'Embrace – The Union Project' with the ultimate aim of producing an education study guide, in conjunction with education and health specialists, which will be released into all UK secondary schools – free. This is a not for profit screening and the license I purchased is contributing to that amazing plan.

Check out the links below, grab some friends and purchase your tickets. Come and make positive change for your own life and help to effect change for generations to come.'

Embrace – One woman's journey to inspire everyBODY, will be shown at The Depot, Lowestoft Community Church, Hadenmahm Road, Lowestoft, on Monday, September 25.

Tickets, at £3.50 each, are available directly from jane-embrace@outlook.com, the church offices at Lowestoft Community Church and St Mark's Church and also at The Avenue Beauty Clinic, Famona Road, Carlton Colville.

Groups of 10 get a reduced ticket price of £3 each if purchased in advance.

Soft drinks, tea, coffee and popcorn will be available.

To watch the trailer visit https://bodyimagemovement.com/watch-the-embrace-trailer/

To book online visit https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/embrace-lowestoft-screening-tickets-37369506199?aff=es2

More information can also be found by searching for Embrace - Lowestoft on Facebook.