Wimble returns to west Norfolk for the 17th year

Wimbles first appearance at an evening swan feed this winter: CREDIT WWT

Wimbles first appearance at an evening swan feed this winter: CREDIT WWT - Credit: Archant

A whooper swan called Wimble has been returning to a west Norfolk reserve for 17 consecutive years.


And she has now clocked more than 40,000 air miles during her lifetime.

Wimble is believed to be at least 17-years-old and has made the migration between Iceland and the UK twice each year.

A spokesman for the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) Welney centre, near Downham Market, said:

'This particular swan is a regular visitor to the Norfolk-Cambridgeshire reserve and has been spotted for many years either in the Fens or in Iceland, where these birds spend their summer.'

Wimble has joined an increasing number of incredible birds on the Ouse Washes for the winter.

Last week, a swan count carried out by reserve staff and volunteers revealed that there were 4,762 whooper swans and 193 Bewick's swans currently using the wetlands.

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With up to 10,000 swans using the Ouse Washes in the peak of winter, the centre encourages as many people as possible to help with spotting the ringed swans.

Visitors can see many of these 'Welney regulars' at the swan feeds, daily at 3.30pm until next March, and at 6.30pm every Thursday to Sunday, until February.

A swan research station in the main hide allows visitors to look up any swans spotted at the feeds. The brightly coloured leg rings have bold codes on them, making them easy to identify.

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