Why youngsters should take up the chance to be part of our Lord Mayor Celebration’s team

Latitude festival 2013Youngsters Molli Benson, Shelby Dobson, Darrell Barnard-Jones and Ellie Colema

Latitude festival 2013Youngsters Molli Benson, Shelby Dobson, Darrell Barnard-Jones and Ellie Coleman messing around in the inbetweeners area. - Credit: Nick Butcher

For the first time youngsters with an interest in journalism, photography or shooting videos are being given the opportunity to be part of our Lord Mayor Celebration's reporting team. EDP deputy editor and Evening News editor David Powles explains how the scheme works.

If you've ever been at Latitude Festival and seen a group of more than a dozen teenagers running around the site armed with notepads, cameras, mobiel phones and big smiles then you'll have some idea of what to expect when the same project is rolled over to this year's Lord Mayor's Celebrations.

For the past five years we have worked alongside the arts group Culture Works East to give youngsters the chance to experience what it is like reporting on such a big event.

They get to interview some of the stars, speak to festival-goers, tweet, take pictures and video some of Latitude's sites and sounds.

And the best bit of it is that their work actually gets published both in our newspapers and on our websites.

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This year, as well as heading to Latitude, we are doing the same scheme for the annual Lord Mayor's Celebrations.

We are looking for up to 40 youngsters, aged 13-17, who want to experience a day in the life of a journalist.

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Those taking part are split into groups and team up with volunteers from the industry to have a go at reporting on the events of the day.

It's a great way to get experience for anyone looking for a career in media and above all a lot of fun.

To get involved sign up at www.cultureworkseast.co.uk/launchpad

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