Why iwitness24 users just love our new website

New website www.iwitness24.co.uk has captured your imagination - and you love sharing your work on it.

Following its launch last week, there are more than 1,000 photos, videos and stories on the site ranging from amazing Norfolk skies to wonderful windsurfing action - there really is something for everyone.

And the users of iwitness24 have nothing but praise for the site.

One user, going by the name Norton, alerted us to a sad sight by the River Wensum in Norwich and his photograph of a rubbish-strewn site appeared in the Evening News on Monday after we alerted the city council to the issue.

Norton said of iwitness24: 'Personally I will continue on this theme, as I have many more areas of neglect in the Norfolk countryside, especially the rivers which I will both photograph and report on here and to the relevant authorities, in the hope of getting some action taken. I just hope others will do likewise.

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'Furthermore, it demonstrates just how this site can be used for the good of Norfolk and its people and to say I am impressed with iwitness24 is putting it lightly. May it go from strength to strength.'

Fellow users have echoed this.

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Peter Dent said: 'Archant's new iwitness24 website is a fantastic idea, and I'm so pleased to be part of it at this early stage.

'Being very proud of Norwich and the county of Norfolk, maybe through your new website I can help promote the wonderful things that happen there.'

Jon Carter said: 'Congratulations on your innovative, interactive feature! Getting the 'word/pic on the street' with immediate effect in a personal style. Brave and forward thinking in today's tech-led communication world. News is wanted now and as it happens from people on the ground. The future looks exciting - hope I can be a small part.'

Antony Bond, alias Davinci, said: I think the idea of the iwitness24 site is great, I am sure there are lots of people, who like me, love to get out and about in our beautiful county with their camera or phone and record events, the lovely scenery and wildlife. It's also great that you can interact with the other users. I am sure the site will really take off.'

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