Who you gonna call? Ghost hunters at Attleborough Town Hall

The East Anglia Paranormal investigations club. (lef t to right) Alex Collins, Gary Bradfield,Shar

The East Anglia Paranormal investigations club. (lef t to right) Alex Collins, Gary Bradfield,Sharon Bradfield, Debbie Jones and Brandon Bradfield. PHOTO: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

If there's something strange at your town hall, who you gonna call?

Attleborough Town Hall

Attleborough Town Hall - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2015

In the case of Attleborough, the answer would seem to be self-styled ghost hunting group East Anglia Paranormal Investigations (EAPI).

The Lowestoft-based group are planning a ghost hunt at the historic building on the evening of February 25.

EAPI founder, Gary Bradfield, and he and a group of up to 24 others will be at the building from 6pm to 1am in an attempt to find, and communicate with, ghosts.

Mr Bradfield said they would be able to access most of the building, but not the area where the public records were kept.

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He said: 'If we find something, we find something, and if we don't, we don't - we don't try and sugar coat it.'

Mr Bradfield said the group used methods to detect and contact spirits including CCTV cameras, meters with blinking lights, dowsing rods, pendulums and Ouija boards.

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He said only yes or no questions could be asked to the inhabitants of the spirit world.

Mr Bradfield said newcomers to a ghost hunting event usually reacted with 'pure shock' at what they experienced.

He said: 'Especially when the tables start to move or the Ouija board moves, and they can see that nobody is actually doing it, they step back in amazement.'

The group applied to the council last year to use the town hall, and the matter was discussed at November's full council meeting.

Mr Bradfield said: 'We have a member from Attleborough and we are aware there are rumours of spirits at the town hall.

'We thought it would be an ideal location, if the rumours are true.'

Mr Bradfield said he wanted to help people understand the nature of the paranormal and life after death.

The building has been used as a town hall since 1999. Before that it was a Doric Restaurant and earlier a post office.

For more information about the event, look up EAPI Ghost Hunt Event on Facebook.

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