White tailed sea eagle spotted on the north Norfolk coast

A Red Kite and a White Tailed Sea Eagle spotted flying over the Holkham marshes in north Norfolk. 

A red kite and a white tailed sea eagle spotted flying over the Holkham marshes in north Norfolk. - Credit: Andy Bloomfield

A white tailed sea eagle has been spotted soaring through the skies in north Norfolk.

The majestic bird was photographed flying alongside a Red Kite over the marsh on the Holkham estate in north Norfolk by the estate's
senior warden Andy Bloomfield on Tuesday March 23.

Jake Feinnes, head of conservation at Holkham Estate, said: "The sightings of white tailed eagles on the North Norfolk coast seem to becoming more commonplace, this week senior warden Andy Bloomfield was checking water levels in the lower field when this magnificent bird flew less than 10 metres over his head.

"With a recent application for introduction of white tailed eagles into Norfolk it is encouraging to see them in the skies of their own accord, whether they be European birds or released birds from the Isle of Wight”

In recent years the number of sea eagles spotted in Norfolk has increased possibly due to the reintroduction of the birds to the Isle of Wight

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