Which? warning to avoid sun cream brand for children

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A consumer review company has warned people to avoid a specific Nivea sun cream for their children.

Consumer review company Which? has advised people to avoid purchasing Nivea Kids Protect and Care SPF50+ spray after it failed its independent SPF test. Nivea has disputed the results.

Infographic of Nivea Kids Sun Cream

Nivea Kids Protect and Care SPF50+ failed Which's SPF tests. - Credit: Which?

The report states that the children's sun cream was tested twice by the consumer review company.

Both tests indicated the sun cream "didn't come close to providing SPF50+ protection", with results from the second test "even lower" than the first.

A spokesperson from Which? said: "We don’t think this product provides the protection you would expect, so we’ve labelled it a 'don’t buy'."

The maker of Nivea, Beiersdorf, said in response: "Nivea Sun prides itself on its decades of experience in sun care, and when this product was independently tested in 2019 it achieved an SPF of 62.

"When we re-checked this batch, the result was a UVA protection factor of 25.8.

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"We disagree with the Which? findings."