Which mobile phone network has the best 4G service in Norwich (and how do we compare to other cities)?

(Picture: Philip Toscano/PA Wire)

(Picture: Philip Toscano/PA Wire) - Credit: PA

The UK's four national mobile providers have been tested out in Norwich to see which network comes out top when it comes to mobile broadband speed.


EE, O2, Three and Vodafone were compared when it comes to mobile broadband by Ofcom, the UK's communications regulator.

The regulator looked at download, upload and web-browsing speeds and video streaming quality in the city. It was the first time Ofcom have measured network performance and said the report 'reflects the everyday usage habits of smartphone users'.

The tests found that Three has the fastest 4G download speed in Norwich, measuring an average speed of 22Mbit/s compared to Vodafone which only achieved 10 Mbit/s.

Three came out on top again when it came to the consistency of download speeds on a 4G tariff with the network delivering speeds in excess of 2Mbit/s in 89pc of the regulators tests in the city

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Ofcom also looked at how long it takes to a upload a photo taken on a smartphone to Facebook and in this test EE achieved the fastest upload speed at 15Mbit/s closely followed by Three at 14Mbit/s. These speeds were nearly twice as fast as 02 and Vodafone who only recorded speeds of 8Mbit/s and 7Mbit/s respectively.

Testing was also carried out at four other cities where high-speed 4G networks have been rolled out - Cardiff, Edinburgh, Liverpool and London.

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Across all tests Norwich faired comparatively well with the other cities and came joint top with Edinburgh for average 4G download speed with an average rate of 16Mbit/s. That compared to 12/Mbit/s in London which recorded the slowest average speed across all networks.

But when it came to the test for upload speeds Norwich was found to have the slowest speed with an average speed of 11Mbit/s across all four networks compared to 15Mbits/s in Edinburgh which was found to have the fastest upload speed.

The study also found that across the country phone calls connected successfully more than 98pc of the time across all four networks.

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