Where to recycle your Christmas tree in Norfolk and Waveney

The donated Christmas trees at Clinks Care Farm in Beccles being shredded for use at the farm. Pictu

Christmas trees in Norfolk and Waveney can be recycled at recycling centres. - Credit: Danielle Booden

As the festive season comes to an end, many people will soon be taking down their Christmas decorations.

But as the lights and baubles are taken off the tree, you may find yourself wondering what to do with your tree now that Christmas is over.

Thankfully, those in Norfolk and Waveney can recycle their unwanted trees.

In Norfolk, Christmas trees can be taken to any recycling centre in the county free of charge.

A list of Norfolk County Council recycling centres is available here.

Real trees are able to be recycled in the green waste containers.

Artificial trees can be put in the container for metals.

If your fake tree is still in good condition but you want to recycle it, you can donate it to one of the reuse shops at some recycling centres.

A list of reuse shops can be found here.

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For those in Waveney wanting to recycle their trees, they can be taken to the Lowestoft recycling centre in Hadenham Road.

This Suffolk County Council site allows visitors to place real trees in the garden waste container and fake trees in either the metal or hard plastic bin.

In Waveney, smaller real Christmas trees can be placed in kerbside compost bins.

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