Where do Norfolk and Suffolk beaches rank in major survey?

Southwold beach

According to a study by Which? Southwold ranks as the top beach in Norfolk and Suffolk, coming in at nine nationally. - Credit: Nick Butcher

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to rumble on, thousands of holidaymakers are likely to make the most of a domestic holiday this summer.

Norfolk and Suffolk boast some stunning seaside towns, but according to a study by Which? that surveyed 4,061 people, Bamburgh in Northumberland has nabbed the top spot nationally.

flourish chart

Each town was scored out of five based on several categories. - Credit: Which?

Customers were asked to rate 100 costal towns based on the beach, attractions, scenery, peace and quiet and value for money out of five stars.

This is how coastal resorts in Norfolk and Suffolk rated locally and nationally.

1. Southwold

southwold pier

Customers were particularly satisfied with Southwold's pier. - Credit: Archant 2010

Coming in at number one and number nine nationally is Southwold, scoring 80 per cent overall.

The beach and town is popular amongst tourists, particularly from the big smoke.

People gave the Suffolk town high scores for its attractions and scenery, scoring four stars

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However, if you are stripped for cash this might be a problem as the town scored two out of five stars in this category, with the average hotel costing £135 a night.

2. Aldeburgh

aldeburgh beach

Aldeburgh is renowned for its pebbly beach, colourful houses and thriving high street. - Credit: DENISE BRADLEY

Number two and number 17 nationally is Aldeburgh on the Suffolk coast scoring 78 per cent.

Like its northern counterpart Southwold, the town scored highly for its scenery and also highly for peace and quiet, scoring four stars.

But Aldeburgh only scored two stars for attractions and a hotel room for the night comes in at a hefty £122 on average.

3. Blakeney


Blakeney scored highly for its incredible scenery. - Credit: Archant

At number three and number 27 nationally is Blakeney scoring 75 per cent.

The village is renowned for its seal colony, quaint streets and expansive salt marshes.

Blakeney scored a whopping five stars for its scenery but scored two stars for its attractions.

4. Sheringham

sheringham beach

Sheringham was scored with three stars for every category. - Credit: Stuart Anderson

Number four and number 47 nationally is Sheringham which scored 73 per cent.

Visitors left the town three stars in every category which has some popular attractions including the steam railway, its beach walks and tight-knit high street.

The average hotel price is slightly cheaper than the likes of Aldeburgh and Southwold as well, coming in at £100 on average for the night.

5. Felixstowe

felixstowe pier

There were mixed reviews about Felixstowe. - Credit: TOM HARVEY - Archant

Number five and number 60 nationally is the port town of Felixstowe which scored 69 per cent.

Whilst the port town only scored one star for its attractions, it scored three stars in all other sections and the average hotel price is cheap as well, coming in at £62.

6. Wells-next-the-Sea


Wonderful Wells-next-the-Sea. - Credit: DENISE BRADLEY

Slightly lower down the list at number six is Wells-next-the-Sea, which came in at number 65 nationally and scored 69 per cent.

Whilst people were impressed with the beach, scoring it four stars, people were less impressed with the attractions that two stars.

However, hotel prices come in at £67 on average.

7. Cromer

cromer pier

Cromer ranked low for its attractions, despite having a famous pier. - Credit: Archant

Cromer comes in at number seven and number 66 nationally and scored 68 per cent.

The town is known for its fish and chips, bustling high street and popular beach but only scored an average three stars for most categories and only two stars for attractions.

The average price of a hotel is £90.

8. Hunstanton


Hunstanton scored low for the amount of attractions on offer. - Credit: Chris Bishop

Hunstanton is at number eight and number 80 nationally scoring 63 per cent.

Like its counterpart on the other side of the Norfolk coast, Hunstanton scored two stars for its attractions and three stars for everything else but is slightly cheaper at £84 a night.

9. Great Yarmouth

great yarmouth

Visitors criticised Great Yarmouth's lack of scenery. - Credit: Nick Butcher

Great Yarmouth ranks second to bottom in our region and nationally at 90 only scoring 58 per cent.

Visitors were unhappy with the town's lack of scenery, scoring only one star but they were slightly more optimistic about the town's beach and attractions which scored three stars.

Hotels are also cheap at £66 on average.

10. Lowestoft


Lowestoft was voted as one of the worst seaside towns in the UK. - Credit: Mick Howes - Archant

The worst seaside town in our region is Lowestoft and is ranked fifth worst in the UK scoring only 57 per cent.

Like Great Yarmouth, visitors scored the town one star for scenery but only scored Lowestoft one star for attractions as well.

On the bright side, visitors were more optimistic about the beach, scoring it three stars and the average hotel price is only £73 a night.