‘When I was bigger I was really unhappy’ - Gorleston woman drops five dress sizes

Slimmer Helen Paul

Slimmer Helen Paul - Credit: Archant

A Gorleston woman has dropped a whopping five dress sizes and lost five stones in weight – and put on a lot of confidence.

Slimmer Helen Paul

Slimmer Helen Paul - Credit: Archant

Helen Paul, 34, is now looking forward to the summer more than ever before.

She joined her local Slimming World group in May 2014, weighing 16st 5lbs and with a dress size of 22 at her heaviest. She is now a slinky 11st with a dress size of 12.

Helen said: 'I am already really looking forward to this summer and finally feeling confident enough to wear the outfits I always dreamed of.

'When I was bigger I was really unhappy. I didn't like what I saw when I looked in the mirror, I hated shopping for clothes and I felt self-conscious most of the time. Things are completely different now and I feel much more confident.

'Being part of a Slimming group is lovely. Everyone is there for the same reason and we are all fighting the same battle. I've made friends and I love swapping recipes and ideas every week. I really feel part of a big family.'

Helen added: 'I actually eat the same things now as before – curries, roast dinners, pasta dishes – but they're all made from scratch and I still eat out too – I just make healthier choices like having pasta with a tomato and vegetable sauce instead of meals that are fried or covered in creamy sauces or dressings and my little boy gets to enjoy all these lovely foods too.'

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Helen has also become more active and regularly enjoys long walks.

'Before I lost weight I would dread going out, because I could never find anything to wear on nights out and I would feel uncomfortable and out of place, that's if I didn't make an excuse to avoid socialising completely. I have loads of lovely new outfits to wear to go out in now too!

Claire Bond, who runs one of the Slimming World which Helen attends, hopes she will demonstrate to other people what's possible.

'People might be put off joining a slimming group, but taking that first step if you're unhappy about your weight could be the best decision you make.'

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