What you thought of plans to put Norwich’s nightclubs on an out-of-town industrial estate

Prince of Wales Road in Norwich on New Years Eve 2015 in Norwich, too many drinks of alcohol and thi

Prince of Wales Road in Norwich on New Years Eve 2015 in Norwich, too many drinks of alcohol and this guy finds himself arrested. Pic: Rob Colman. - Credit: Archant

A suggestion to set up a clubbing area on an industrial estate to tackle problems with Prince of Wales Road has been greeted with a mixed reaction.

Prince of Wales Road in Norwich on New Years Eve 2015 in Norwich. Pic: Rob Colman.

Prince of Wales Road in Norwich on New Years Eve 2015 in Norwich. Pic: Rob Colman. - Credit: Archant

We asked our readers what they thought of the idea and they agreed it would help reduce problems on Prince of Wales Road but raised concerns over the practicality of the scheme.

• Mr. Grouchy believed the plans would work well. He said: 'A very sensible idea. In France and Belgium, for example, many nightclubs are on the edge of towns where the noise and rowdyism has minimal impact on the lives of others.

'Nightclubs are not a necessity they are a weekend luxury that so very often upset the calm of the surrounding neighbours who live there seven days a week. Move them out and let ordinary citizens stroll down POW Road on a weekend evening without fear of civil disturbance or unruly behaviour.'

• Sally Cushing thought the plans were a good idea, commenting on Facebook she said: 'Move them as they do not know how to behave and enjoy themselves without the use of drink. Make use of the park and ride car parks and build night clubs there the sooner the better then civilised folk can here their city centre back. Not only that the police will be able to pick up the drink drivers easier. Prince of Wales Road is made into a shambles plus being dirty smelling of urine and vomit everywhere. Norwich councillors should be ashamed of what they have caused. Our rates have to pay for the policing make the nightclubs pay for the policing. Norwich used to be a fine city but alas no longer!'

However not everyone agreed with the plans put forward by Ben Price, city councillor for Thorpe Hamlet ward.

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• Dan commented: 'I'm not a clubber, in fact, I find the whole scene a bit pathetic. However, I've no sympathy at all for residents complaining about noise, etc. People are either moving into the street, knowing full well the deal – or they have 'lived there for twenty years'. In which case, move. A property does not come with a guarantee that the world will not happened in a 1 mile radius of it. Cities evolve: what was once a great place to live, isn't now. So stop moaning, and move. It's not as if POW property wouldn't be snapped up in an instant.'

• Gerry Miston said: 'Common sense tells you that all the clubs shouldn't be grouped together, spread them around Norwich and the troubles will be at least halved.'

• Daniel Maccoll said: 'They tried it years ago with riverside and look what happened there, if people don't want to live in a anti social area then move! By moving the club's out of the city how are people going to get there and what about the businesses that can't afford to move? What will happen to pow Road?. More thoughts needed!'

• Andy Rymarz suggested that more researched is needed before the plans go any further, he said: 'Does appear to me, many of these so called 'councillors' fail to recognise they are there to represent the will of the people. Now, I'm not saying Mr Price is failing to do so, but I would like to ask what research he's done on this issue, for example how many citizens in the areas affected has he spoken to? How many local businesses has he met with? What impact study has he done and what costs are involved? I just wonder if he might ask himself if this is an 'idea' from himself or from the general populace....'

• There was also a huge response to the plans on our Facebook page and you can read through the comments here.