The 11 most searched Google terms about Norwich over the last five years

Four of the things that people in Norwich searched most for. Photos, from left to right clockwise: S

Four of the things that people in Norwich searched most for. Photos, from left to right clockwise: SJM Concerts, Submitted, Hawk and Owl Trust and Antony Kelly - Credit: Archant

There are billions of searches made every day on Google.

Rooftop Gardens bar and restaurant at Union.Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Rooftop Gardens bar and restaurant at Union.Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

While they come from all corners of the globe, a tiny proportion are made in - and about - Norwich.

We've used Google Trends to look at the top 25 most popular searches relating to Norwich over the last five years, as of the end of March.

Food-related searches prove particularly popular, with plenty of restaurants and bars making the list.

They fall into its 'rising' category, which covers searches which had the most significant growth in volume over that time period.

The top three searches were listed as 'breakout' searches, which is where the search term's popularity grew by more than 5000pc.

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1. Cosmo Norwich

Cryptic Escape on Tombland, Norwich. Picture: David Hannant

Cryptic Escape on Tombland, Norwich. Picture: David Hannant - Credit: Archant

The city's branch of Cosmo opened in 2015, replacing what was formerly the Habitat store on London Street. At the time of opening, the chain said it would offer 150 dishes from across the world, including Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican and Brazilian cuisine.

2. Rooftop gardens Norwich

The Rooftop Gardens, based in the Union Building on Rose Lane, opened in October 2016, making it one of the first eateries in the city with panoramic views. But people searching for rooftop gardens in Norwich may also stumble on the offering at Gonzo's tea room, which in August last year opened its own terrace.

3. iCash Norwich

The Integrated Contraception and Sexual Health (iCash), along with GP practices, provides sexual health services in Norwich from its base on Oak Street. In March this year, Norwich was rated the 11th worst city for sexual health checks in the country, according to a survey by Medicine Direct. It found that just 12pc of people quizzed in Norwich had been checked in the previous 12 months.

Gonzo's Tea Room in London Street, Norwich

Gonzo's Tea Room in London Street, Norwich - Credit: Archant

4. Deliveroo Norwich

Deliveroo is one of several food delivery services which have launched in Norwich, though arguably one of the best-known. It arrived in the city in 2015, and has since been joined be plenty of other food delivery services, including many at independent restaurants.

5. Gonzos Norwich

Having opened in 2014, Gonzos, on London Street, has become a popular spot in the city centre for food and drink. In August last year the team behind it bought music venue the Owl Sanctuary, which has since become Bermuda Bob's rum shack.

6. Giggling Squid Norwich

In September 2016, Thai restaurant Giggling Squid opened in Tombland, in the former home of La Tasca. In December last year, the business said while it would open sites as planned next year, expansion would be frozen.

7. Five Guys Norwich

American burger chain Five Guys opened to much fanfare in Norwich in October 2016, taking over a large unit on Orford Place previously home to Pizza Hut. It had faced criticism for its bid to put seating outside its entrance, which was rejected over fears of congestion on the busy pathway.

8. Haggle Norwich

Middle Eastern restaurant Haggle became the latest addition to St Benedicts Street in the city in September 2017. It has since become popular with food-lovers and those in the mood for a cocktail.

9. Stadia Norwich

Stadia opened in Norwich city centre in 2014, bringing with it 26 screens upstairs and a 92-inch one downstairs. The bar has since built up a following of keen sports fans.

10. Cryptic Escape Norwich

The live action puzzle venue Cryptic Escape opened in 2015 in Augustine Steward's House on Tombland. In April last year, the business, which gives teams an hour to solve clues in order to escape from game rooms, was given the go-ahead to set up a trio of rooms in Rose Lane car park.

11. Little Mix Norwich

The popular girl band performed in the city's Earlham Park in both 2017 and 2018, though organisers attracted some criticism in 2017 for how transport and queuing at the event was handled.

More popular searches included Gravity, the trampoline park on Riverside, Norwich City, afternoon tea inspiration in the city, Take That, most likely thanks to their Carrow Road shows in 2017 and May this year, and the Norwich peregrines, a pair of breeding birds which set up home - and are live streamed - at the Cathedral.

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