Timeline reveals next steps for huge Norfolk windfarm

One of Vattenfall's windfarms, at Kentish Flats. Pic: Robin Dawe/ Perfectly Clear Marketing

One of Vattenfall's windfarms at Kentish Flats - Credit: Robin Dawe/ Perfectly Clear Mark

The green light has been given to developers looking to build a large windfarm 50 miles off the Norfolk coast.

Swedish energy giant Vattenfall was granted a development consent for its Norfolk Boreas wind farm on Friday, so the company has reveals its plans for the site.

Between next year and 2023 pre-construction work, ongoing detailed design plans and procurement processes will take place on the Boreas scheme, which will consist of between 90 and 156 towering turbines.

The timeline for the Boreas wind farm

The timeline for the Boreas wind farm - Credit: Vattenfall

The indicative timeline produced by Vattenfall goes onto show that between 2023 and 2025 onshore works will take place on the project, which when completed overall will see a 40-mile cable route stretching from north Norfolk's Happisburgh to an expanded substation at Necton, near Swaffham.

The detailed timeline then shows the next stage would be for offshore work to start in the mid to late 2020s with the first power being generated in that period.

Vattenfall's offshore Norfolk Vanguard project promises to be one of the largest in the world. Pictu

Vattenfall's offshore Norfolk Vanguard project promises to be one of the largest in the world. Picture: Vattenfall - Credit: Archant

A final timeline section says offshore construction would be due to start in 2025 with cable pulling work taking place inland.

Now that business and energy secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has given permission to the scheme, the only stumbling block could come from any opponents who seek a judicial review in the High Court.

Business and energy secretary Kwasi Kwarteng.

Business and energy secretary Kwasi Kwarteng. - Credit: UK Parliament

Vattenfall also still needs to secure the actual contract with the government to provide power.

The Swedish company says the Boreas Wind Farm and a second scheme called Vanguard could generate power for up to 3.9 million homes nation-wide.

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And Vattenfall country manager Danielle Lane believes of the 67,000 UK offshore wind jobs predicted by 2030 10pc will now be in the East.

The granting of permission and the stepping up of Vattenfall's scheme was welcomed by the newly-elected chairman of the East of England Offshore Wind Industry Cluster, Andrew Harston.

Mr Hartson said: “This is fantastic news for Vattenfall and for the offshore wind supply chain in the East of England. 

“Norfolk Boreas and Norfolk Vanguard will create tremendous opportunities both during development as well as generations of jobs in terms of operations and maintenance support and provide huge opportunities for skills development."

A decision has yet to be made on Vattenfall's Norfolk Vanguard wind farm bid.