What is killing the seals? Carcass split in half found on Waxham beach

Dead seal found on Waxham beach. Picture: Flovera Maxwell

Dead seal found on Waxham beach. Picture: Flovera Maxwell - Credit: Archant

A dead seal was spotted on Waxham Beach on Wednesday morning, just three days after a seal was found 'chewed in half' in Great Yarmouth..

The upsetting discovery was made by Flovera Maxwell from Barton Turf at 11am whilst on a beach walk with her children.

Mrs Maxwell said: 'I was very sad to see one dead. It's one of the few times I've not seen any seals swimming there, but I guess that's just nature.'

It comes three days after couple Lauren and Matty Burgess spotted the bottom half of a seal lying on the beach in Great Yarmouth.

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Hollie Stephenson, animal carer at Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary, explained: 'The seal population has been booming in recent years and most likely the cause of this was an adult seal being possessive and marking their territory - particularly as this is now breeding season.

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'They will do this by grasping the seal pup by the scruff of the neck and spinning them round in a spiral motion - I believe that this would be the most likely cause of this seal carcass.'

What do you think is behind the recent spate of seal deaths on the Norfolk coast? Let us know in the comments.

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