What do Norfolk and Suffolk think of the Big Society?

As David Cameron was this week forced to defend the Big Society, the EDP wants to know what its readers think of the prime minister's call for community action.

The opposition have labelled it a failure and charities have warned massive funding cuts could kill it off before it has even begun.

But today the prime minister insisted he was passionate about making the initiative work.

He said more community responsibility was key to mending Britain's broken society.

Let us know what you think.

Send your answers to the following questions to victoria.leggett@archant.co.uk.

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Please include your name, age, home town or village and occupation - although this is not compulsory.

Do you back David Cameron's idea of a Big Society?

Yes / No


Have you taken up volunteering due to David Cameron's Big Society call?

Yes / No

Has the introduction of Big Society made you more likely to volunteer in the future?

Yes / No

Do you agree with the cuts outlined by the government and councils, including Norfolk?

Yes / No

Do you think the idea of Big Society is less likely to work because of the spending cuts being proposed?

Yes / No

You can also share your views on the Big Society with the EDP via Twitter. Send your comments to @EDP24 and use the hashtag #EDPBigSoc.

Read Wednesday's EDP for the results of the survey.