From tinned cat food to shampoo bars: How you're helping to save the planet

Cute ginger cat siting on window sill and waiting for something. Fluffy pet looks in window.

Your cat can do its bit to help save the planet too, according to North Norfolk MP Duncan Baker - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

So what are you doing to help save the planet?

We've challenged our readers to step up to the plate with more than 50 ways we can all make a difference

They ranged from taking shorter showers and buying clothes from charity shops, to air drying your hair and using the bus more. But what are the ways others are doing their bit to help the planet?

North Norfolk MP Duncan Baker said cat lovers could also do their bit.

"We've stopped using pouched cat food because the pouches can't be recycled," he said. "We use tins because they can be recycled."

Lana Hempsall, Norfolk County Council's member champion for sustainable transport, said: "My best investment is a pair of waterproof shoes. I literally walk or take the bus wherever I go."

Lana Hempsall, Norfolk County Council's member champion for sustainable transport

Lana Hempsall, Norfolk County Council's member champion for sustainable transport - Credit: Conservative Party

Many took to the EDP Facebook page in response to a post asking what steps they were taking to cut their carbon footprint.

Tonii HItchings said: "I'm learning about natural cleaning methods, without chemicals or plastics. I'm reusing and recycling all that I am able to. I am slowly switching over to zero packaging foodstuffs and groceries as much as possible. Trying to make my home more energy efficient. Growing some of my own food. Generally being more mindful."

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Charlotte Mason added: "Recycle what can be recycled, buy planet friendly cleaning items where possible and use cloth nappies."

Gina Freeman said: "Switching to shampoo bars was a great choice we made."

Ricci Kitchen said: "’I'm gonna stop driving my sports cars, flying my private jet to various islands around the world and may even sell the yacht. We are all in this together after all."

Ross Chettleburgh thought the answer lay elsewhere, posting: "We are a drop in the ocean, it's big business that needs to get on board."

Keith Scott said: "I’m following the example of our world leaders. I’ll leave it there for you to think about."

Matt Gallant added: "I'm going to stop buying single use plastic while China continues to build coal fuelled power plants by the dozen."

And Steff Clampitt had a simple solution: "Staying in bed."

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