What are the unemployment issues facing you?

Unemployment in East Anglia fell by 6,000 in the three months to March, official figures have revealed.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that a total of 207,000 people were unemployed in the region during the quarter.

The region's unemployment rate was 6.7pc and saw a fall of 2.8pc during the period. The worst area in the UK was the South West which saw the biggest increase in people out of work at 6.1pc.

Across the country unemployment fell by 45,000 between January and March, leaving 2.6 million people out of work.

The UK's unemployment rate has fallen by 0.2pc to 8.2pc, lower than the European average of 10.2pc.

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But we want to know what the issues behind the stats really are.

Are there simply not enough jobs?

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Is there a deeper issue surrounding the aspirations of young people?

Are the Government doing enough to help people get back into work?

Are the Government doing enough to support businesses?

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