West Norfolk Voluntary and Community Action celebrates reaching 10th anniversary

The challenges being faced by the voluntary and community sector need to be embraced not avoided, the chief executive of the West Norfolk Voluntary and Community Action (WNVCA) saidtoday.

Blowing out candles to mark the WNVCA's 10th anniversary, Heather Farley said the days of more funding and more people to help deliver services might never return.

But she urged the voluntary and community groups to continue operating as 'efficiently and effectively' as they can.

She said: 'Organisations like ours shouldn't be afraid of going out of business if we are not needed any more.

'All our funding comes up for review this year so I'm not looking too far beyond March but it's important that we only survive because we are still needed and I believe we will be for years to come.'

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The voluntary organisation was set by local groups to support, promote and develop voluntary and community action.

The organisation supports its members by providing them with a range of services and by acting as a voice for the local voluntary and community sector.

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She continued: 'One of the biggest changes I have seen over the past ten years, funding aside, is the different volunteers coming though.

'People come to us now because they are not working and want to imporve their CV and get new skills. We are also seeing a more skilled volunteer base coming through now which we didn't have 10 years ago.'

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