West Norfolk’s Freebridge on Twitter for the day

A housing association which serves West Norfolk is using a social networking website today to help show the variety and volume of situations they deal with on a daily basis.

Freebridge Community Housing Association is using Twitter to 'tweet' an overview of every call, e-mail, letter and visit they receive from their tenants.

The association hopes this will show both their tenants and the wider community the diversity of contacts that they have with tenants on a normal working day.

A spokesman for Freebridge said the housing association has always embraced technology to help improve the services they provide and their use of social media is just another part of this.

Due to the restrictions set by Twitter, Freebridge will be alternating between four accounts throughout the day.

These can be found at http://twitter.com/Freebridge24_1, http://twitter.com/Freebridge24_2, http://twitter.com/Freebridge24_3 and http://twitter.com/Freebridge24_4.

People will also be able to see the latest tweet on the front page of their website www.freebridge.org.uk.