Council tax bills set to rise by average of more than £75 in West Norfolk

New leader of the Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk Brian Long. Picture: Matthew Usher

West Norfolk council leader Brian Long - Credit: Matthew Usher

West Norfolk households face average council tax increases of more than £75 after the borough council agreed to raise its share of the average bill by £4.50.

It come after Norfolk County Council increased its share by £56 and Norfolk police increased its by almost £15.

Leader Brian Long said when it agreed last year's budget, the council had no idea what lay ahead. He said the pandemic had had "a major impact" on its finances.

Lockdown means the council faces a shortfall of £2.9m a year from Alive Leisure, its trading arm, because of the closure of council-run leisure venues. The budget proposed a £2.9m grant to Alive. 

Mr Long said by increasing its tax base by £4.50, the council would be able to freeze parking charges.

Mr Long survived a Labour motion calling for him to stand aside in proposing the budget because he was also chair of Alive Leisure.

Labour then proposed amendments including ending bulky waste collection fees to curb fly-tipping, free parking for electric cars, promoting benefit take-up and giving young people free use of leisure venues during August. They were also defeated.

At a full virtual council meeting in King's Lynn on Thursday, borough councillors voted 33 to 17 pass its £21,723,000 budget for 2021 - 22.

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That means the borough's tax for each band will be: A £89.91; B £104.90; C £119.88; D £134.87; E £164.84; F £194.81; G £224.78 and H £269.74.

Taking into account the amounts levied by Norfolk County Council, the county council's social care precept and Norfolk police - which have increased by 1.99pc, 2pc and 5.68pc respectively - means the basic bill for each band will be: A £1,256,91; B £1,446.74; C £1,676.28; D £1,885.82; E £2,304.89; F £2,723.96; G £3,143.03 and H £3,771.64.

Individual bills vary because of special expenses and precepts which fund the work of parish or town councils.

Last year's average Band D bill for borough residents was £1,875.58, including special expenses (an average of £13.96) and parish town council precepts (an average of £51.67). That means an increase of £75.87 a year or £6.32 a month before these additional charges are added on, while the average parish/town precept will be £67.40.