Well I’ll bee... Swarm descends on March town centre

This was the extraordinary sight as a swarm of bees landed on a shop window in the Fens.

For the third time in less than a month a swarm descended on March town centre, this time gathering on the window of Dobson's in the High Street.

The bees eventually moved on after beekeper Colin Turner, of Chatteris, was called to remove them.

'The general reaction was one of calm curiosity,' he said.

'Swarming is a natural occurrence at this time of year and I am sure I'm not the only beekeeper who has already collected swarms in and around March this year without attracting undue attention or causing alarm.

'I owe a big thank you to the staff of the nearby Co-op who put up with my presence and provided me with a ladder and some other items that made it easier to collect the bees.

'Unfortunately, the swarm on Dobson's window decided to turn down my offer of a cosy beehive and, after leaving the box I had put them in, flew off to an out-of-the-way ivy bush not far off and will stay there until they find a permanent residence.'

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The store was cordoned off overnight. A police spokesman said the move was to protect the public amid fears that the Queen Bee was still in the awning above the shop window.

At 9am today a few bees were still swarming around the awning, with reports of the swarm being spotted in the Acre area of the town.

It is the third time in a month that a swarm of bees has been seen in March town centre. At the end of last month, the swarm gathered outside the Co-op store next door to Dobson's and then, last Monday, a swarm gathered at the roof of the Westgate department store in Station Road.

Mr Turner said: 'Swarming is to be expected at this time of year. Bees are at their most docile when they are swarming and there is very little danger of being stung if people take sensible precautions and avoid disturbing them.'