QUIZ: As Jurassic Journey opens in Great Yarmouth, how well do you know dinosaurs?

Manager Ben Jones with a dinosaur at Great Yarmouth's newest attraction Jurassic Journey. Picture: D

Manager Ben Jones with a dinosaur at Great Yarmouth's newest attraction Jurassic Journey. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2017

Step back in time and walk among the dinosaurs in Great Yarmouth.

A new attraction in the town is hoping to be a monster hit with fans of Tyrannosaurs and other fearsome creatures of the past.

Jurassic Journey will be having a grand opening in the Tower Complex on Saturday at 10am.

The attraction allow visitors to walk among prehistoric beasts allowing them to get up close and personal with both static and animatronic dinosaurs on display.

It took the project managers four months to transform the empty arcade area into a prehistoric wonder.

Visitors can enjoy dinosaurs galore from a stegosaurus to a pterodactyl and even the king of them all, the T-Rex.

Upon arrival at the journey, guests are given a quiz sheet to take around with them to test their knowledge of dinosaurs.

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Other exhibits include a fossil experience where guests can sieve through sand to find real fossils. Once three have been found they can be bagged up and taken home.

The team held a preview of the attraction on Wednesday.

One of the managers, Ben Jones, said: 'It feels great to finally have guests here. We've worked from the bottom up and it's nice to see people finally experience what we have worked so hard for.

'I feel like it's exceeded the expectations myself and the project managers had four months ago. It's so surreal looking around and seeing what we've created and knowing our guests are enjoying it.

'We wanted to do something different with the building, we thought about dinosaurs because who doesn't love them?'

One of the biggest exhibits is the thrilling T-Rex walkthrough. The display breathes, roars, moves its head and tail and opens its mouth.

There is an area dedicated to both real and replica items such as bones, eggs, stomach stones, triceratops' noses and dinosaur poo.

Mr Jones said: 'We have dinosaur bones that are 150 million years old, when you touch it the bone starts to crumble. 'In a museum you can't touch anything, things are either behind glass or a rope. Here you can touch them and it adds to the experience.'

Jurassic Journey will be aiming to invite schools in for trips. They also are looking into setting up birthday parties to give guests more of a VIP experience.

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