A third of people in Norwich claim to have had a VERY ‘close encounter’ with an alien

Unidentified flying object

A nationwide survey has revealed that Norwich has the highest levels of alien activity. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A nationwide survey has revealed that Norwich has the highest levels of alien activity with 30 per cent of people claiming to have had ‘an alien experience”.

Indeed, 26 per cent of respondents from Norwich believe they’ve had an INTIMATE encounter with an alien, setting a whole new standard for an out-of-this-world experience under the sheets.


Almost a third of people (31 per cent) who were polled in Norwich claimed they have had a close encounter with an extraterrestrial while another 30 per cent have ‘sensed’ aliens or had an ‘inexplicable alien experience’ near their house.

Swansea topped the list of UK cities as the UFO hotspot and 24 per cent of all those surveyed believed they have seen a UFO at least once in their lifetime.

Bristol was just behind Norwich in the delicate matter of alien romps (23 per cent of those surveyed) and next on the list were Liverpool, Newcastle and London.

Harry Lang of BuzzBingo.com, which asked 2,000 adults about their out-of-this-world experiences said: “We were amazed how many people claim to have had an alien experience, particularly in Norwich and Swansea.

“There must be something about East Anglia and Wales which makes these experiences more common than the rest of the UK. Maybe they really are out there.”

Weird Norfolk documented how the East of England was one of the most active in terms of UFO activity in the UK during the months of 2020 when 56 reports were made to either police or one of a number of UFO organisations in the Britain.

These included 11 sightings in Norfolk that ranged from “multiple unknown objects moving in a strange manner in the sky in Blakeney and another in Norwich where two bright white “orb lights” were seen moving across the winter sky as if joined together.

We have also written extensively about UFO sightings in Norfolk, from the sighting in Hainford and Motum Road in August 1971, in Cromer on New Year’s Eve in 1978, in Dereham Market Place in May 1978, an incident which was documented by the CIA when a UFO was seen above South Park Avenue in Norwich in 1953 and the infamous 1995 cluster of sightings to name just a handful.

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The Pentagon recently released its long-awaited UFO report which found that while intelligence officials do not believe alien life is responsible for the dozens of reports of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) they cannot explain fully what is.

The report concluded that there were 143 incidents of sightings by military pilots that could not be explained in terms of current technology.

A former Pentagon analyst in international security has said that if a foreign power is behind the mystery aircraft seen by US pilots and radar, they would have needed to “have performed a breathtaking technological leap and US intelligence would have had to have suffered an immense failure”.

To date, none of the alien sightings Weird Norfolk has covered involve a romantic encounter with an extraterrestrial, although we live in hope.