takes the stress out of wedding planning and brings in the fun

Today sees the official launch of, the site that helps couples across the country plan for their weddings – allowing them to get hitched without the hitches.

The new site, which had its beta launch in March this year, features a full range of planning tools to assist brides, grooms and wedding planners in planning the big day.

Usage of the tools is completely free and, with thousands of weddings already being planned through WeddingSite, it's clear that savvy brides-to-be are turning to online planning services to make their time and money go further.

Keeping on top of all aspects of one's wedding planning has dominated every bride's life for months before the day itself. From finding the right vendor to constructing an accurate budget (and sticking to it) or keeping tabs on the RSVPs, the average UK couple spend 11 hours a week planning their wedding.

A study found that four in 10 people think wedding planning is more stressful than their day job, whilst the biggest worry for both men and women is finalising the guest list and organising the seating plan!

The current economic climate also adds to the stress, with the average UK wedding budget decreasing by more than �4,000 in 2011 and forecasted to fall a further �1,000 this year. At the same time, thanks to recent rises in fuel and food prices, wedding costs are likely to increase – even the Church of England has upped their fees by 40pc.

Luckily, WeddingSite's free suite of interactive, easy-to-use wedding planning tools means that bits of paper, spreadsheets and guesswork are all in the past - as are the nasty surprises, financial or otherwise.

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Using sophisticated technology, WeddingSite pulls all the key aspects of wedding planning into a single place, automating a host of tasks a bride would typically have to do herself, and providing a real-time status update 24/7.

It can even suggest a personalised wedding plan, including a tailored budget for each item based on the overall spend and a to-do list leading up to the wedding date.

But the best news is that this is just the beginning. WeddingSite will be rolling out a whole host of new features over the coming weeks and months, all a part of its quest to make the wedding planning process as painless, accurate and enjoyable as possible.

'At WeddingSite, we believe a wedding should be about enjoying the big day and not stressing about it for months,' says Geeta Randev, head of marketing for WeddingSite.

'This website is a result of years of experience with running wedding events and providing wedding planning services and we believe it will revolutionise the wedding planning process, helping brides-to-be to focus on what really matters – having the most enjoyable day of their lives.'

Randev continues: 'Backed by Archant, one of the UK's largest community media organisations, WeddingSite will continue its drive to provide the most comprehensive suite of services to our brides and commercial partners.'

Get hitched without the hitches and sign up for free by clicking the link on the right of this page.

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