Weather: Next week set to be warm but cloudy in Norfolk

The tide coming in on a cloudy winter day at Cromer. Picture: Carmina McConnell

Norfolk is set for more cloudy and warm weather over the upcoming week. - Credit: Carmina McConnell

Norfolk is set to see a cloudy few days next week.

The Met Office has forecast a warm but cloudy week with little chance of showers.

Monday is set to be cloudy across the county with a high of 18C for the north and east of Norfolk and 19C for the west and south, with a 10pc chance of rain.

Tuesday will be similar to Monday, retaining the warmer temperatures of 19C and low chance of rain.

Wednesday will have a high of 20C in east Norfolk, with some sun in the morning across the county but mostly cloud.

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Thursday may be wet for some parts of the county, with 40pc rain predicted for east and south Norfolk around 4pm.

Friday is predicted to be a little cooler, with highs of only 15C and 16C across the county. The day should be sunny, changing to partly cloudy in the early evening.

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The weekend will also be cloudy, with a cooler temperature of 18C. There will be some sun and a low chance of rain.

Overall, the south of the county is set to be slightly warmer than the north.

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