Claims of snow this autumn 'unlikely' according to expert

A sprinkle of snow and a hard frost transforming St James Hill, Norwich. Photo : Steve Adams

Snowfall is unlikely in Norfolk this autumn - Credit: Steve Adams

Claims parts of England could be covered in snow in the coming weeks are highly unlikely, according to a Norfolk weather specialist. 

National media outlets have suggested falling temperatures could bring snow to parts of the country this autumn. 

But Phil Green, a meteorologist from Norwich-based Weatherquest, said it is "unlikely we will see snow".

"There is an outside chance that we may some snowfall in Scotland up in the Cairngorms in high ground," he said. "But currently there is no long term outlook for snow in the region.

"Generally we are set to see a relatively mild autumnal pattern through to the middle of the month. We are likely to see bands of rain crossing Britain but it is unlikely that we will see any snow during this period. "

It comes as a weather warning was issued for Norfolk this weekend with gale-force winds of up to 50mph and heavy rain expected across eastern parts of the county.

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