Thunderstorms and high humidity to hit Norfolk

Lightening strikes over St Peter Mancroft on Saturday 11th October 2014

Thunderstorms forecast to hit Norfolk today - Credit: Victoria Dack

Norfolk is set for thunderstorms this afternoon.

The Met Office has forecast scattered showers,  with some expected to be heavy and locally prolonged.

The forecaster said there is a high likelihood of thunderstorms, with temperatures being around 24C and high humidity.

Weatherquest, at the University of East Anglia, agreed with the Met Office forecast saying there will likely be thunderstorms in the region.

Storms will occur in the mid- to late-afternoon, and potentially into the evening.

The thunderstorms will be throughout the region, scattered with some showers.

Scattered showers will slow over the evening, leaving the night dry and mild.

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It will remain cloudy and breezy, with temperatures of 15C.

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