Flooding expected along River Yare as far inland as Norwich

Flooding on the tidal River Yare at Reedham Water in a previous year. The Environment Agency has iss

A flood warning has been issued for riverside areas along the River Yare, inclduing Cantley, Reedham and Brundall - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2007

People have been warned to make preparations as a second flood warning was issued in Norfolk.

Riverside areas along the River Yare from Great Yarmouth to as far inland as Brundall are expected to be affected by flooding from this evening and over the next few days.

This is due to high tidal water moving up the River Yare restricting the normal drainage into the North Sea. 

Areas most at risk are Cantley, Reedham and Brundall. Roads affected include Ferry Road in Reedham, the A47 and the railway line between Reedham and Brundall.

High water levels may last for a few days, until the high tides at Great Yarmouth have passed. This is due to a natural tide locking effect.

High tidal water moving up the rivers from Great Yarmouth is currently restricting the normal drainage out to sea at low tide of the Broads river system. 

Environment Agency Flood Warning River Yare

A map of the area included in the flood warning, stretching from the mouth of the River Yare in Great Yarmouth to as far inland as Brundall and Norwich - Credit: Environment Agency

This is the second flood warning to be issued in Norfolk, with the other affecting an area between Bacton and Ostend in north Norfolk.

Seven flood alerts continue from yesterday for areas across Norfolk and Waveney. 

In the event of a flood warning people are advised to:

  • move vehicles to higher ground if it’s safe to do so
  • move family and pets to safety
  • move important items upstairs or to a safe place in your property, starting with cherished items and valuables, then furniture and furnishings
  • turn off gas, electricity and water supplies if it’s safe to do so; never touch an electrical switch if you’re standing in water
  • if you have property protection products such as flood barriers, or air brick covers, use them now
  • keep track of the latest flood risk situation

More information and advice on how to be prepared can be found here. 

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